Bio- Tensegrity


The concept of “Bio-tensegrity” plays a big role in ABR technical development and ABR based understanding.

Together with  Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. phys. Danièle-Claude Martin, Dr. Steve Levine and others Leonid Blyum initiated the Biotensegrity Interest Group – a think tank which researches into biotenesegral ideas, concepts and effects.

ABR Assessment development and ABR Technique development are closely connected with the understanding coming from this work.

When writing her book called Living Biotensegrity –, Daniele Martin asked us to write a chapter about the effects of Biotensegral ideas in the practical work with children with cerebral palsy.

You may read the chapter written by Diane Vincentz here: Living Biotensegrity – ABR but also feel inspired to read the entire book that can be ordered online at this link as well:

Diane Vincentz